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For over a decade, Jody Aberdeen has been a professional author, ghostwriter, writing coach, and copywriter. As a ghostwriter, Jody specializes in self-help, inspirational biography, and technology, helping professionals and ordinary individuals alike who don’t have the time, writing skills, or patience to share their own stories.

Jody’s books are available on Amazon and include the sci-fi romance “Convergence”, the fantasy novella “Gone Lost”, and the Philip K. Dickian-thriller “Red Brick”. His latest work, the semi-Utopian novel “Variations of Paris”, is a work in progress on You can read Jody’s short-form articles in Urbanity Magazine and on Medium. Jody also hosts the Ghostwriter and Pup Podcast, available on Anchor.FM.

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Thanh was born in Vietnam and came over to Canada as part of the last flight out of Saigon in 1975 with 56 other orphan children. Their story was captured numerous times in the media. He has been invited to be a guest on such programs as CBC Radio, TVO, Canada AM, 100 Huntley Street, with chance to share his life story to the Nation. The 57 Orphans’ story has been covered by many newspapers including the Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Saigon Newspaper, and included in the French Consulate Newsletter.

Most recently Thanh has written his autobiography titled Orphan 32. Since then, Thanh has been invited to speak at numerous Business groups, conferences and schools across Canada as a keynote speaker sharing his story of coming to Canada. In 2014, Mr. Campbell was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow Award a prestigious award.

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Ian Kinross is a Toronto journalist and communicator with experience in the health and financial sectors. Getting to the heart of a story, and taking a disciplined and creative approach to communications, are key parts of his mission. He is an IABC-accredited Business Communicator and has a Master’s of Journalism from UWO. Ian is a volunteer literacy tutor at East York Learning Experience and past-president of the Thorncliffe Park Community Garden. Follow his blog at kinrosscordless.

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Andrea has grown up as a voracious reader and writer. Through studying and reading a wide range of literature, she has learned about the power of storytelling. She has since honed and practiced the craft of writing, and has also studied writing at the university level. Many people have a wealth of incredible experiences and countless pieces of wisdom, although few consider themselves writers or storytellers. TaleTeller enables these people to record and share their stories. Andrea is excited to use her background in writing and storytelling to help people tell their stories and document their lives.

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Born in Ontario, Canada, Fallan is a reading and writing enthusiast who earned a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University. During her time at McMaster, she took many writing courses from scientific writing to writing for popular media outlets. Fallan is an adventurer at heart and has been fortunate to travel to Portugal, Spain, France, England, Scotland, and a few Caribbean countries where she developed a deeper understanding of the world we live in. She is a creative soul with an interest in art and design, and a lover of all things food. Most importantly, she recognizes how powerful storytelling can be to communicate and educate, which is why she is so excited to write peoples’ unique life stories with TaleTeller.

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Sydney started out writing at a young age where her teachers started to take notice and praise her on her pieces. This encouraged her love of writing going into high school and helped her work on her natural ability. Throughout schooling many teachers encouraged her to submit work to young writing contests, and from those she always received encouraging remarks and helpful criticism which helped expand her ability as a writer. She also received educational rewards for her work that helped encourage her to pursue this path. Looking towards university she was also able to collect a few writing scholarships to help her start out her first year. Since leaving high school Sydney has been attending McMaster University and is in her second year of the English and Culture Studies program. Since starting in this program she has been introduced to multiple different stories and writing styles that she believes has largely opened up her perspective, and she hopes has helped guide her to be even better in her writing. However this is just the beginning.

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