Things We Learned in 2020

This year has been difficult for many people, and because of that it can be difficult to remember the lessons this year gave us. Through difficulty and constantly changing circumstances there was a lot to learn. TaleTeller has gathered some of the most important of these lessons for you to take into the new year.

Things We Learned in 2020

That we should cherish our time with our loved ones

This time apart has given us time to appreciate what we had, and reflect on what we don’t want anymore. It has given us the opportunity to cut toxic people out of our life, but also made us miss those we hold dear. I think with the changing of the year, and a hopeful release from lockdown and the virus we will all treat each other with more care, after being separated for so long. After being allowed to process feelings and experiencing the feeling of missing our loved ones, we will hold them closer at every future opportunity.

Time is precious, and we never know how much is left

This year has made time feel strange for many, but I believe it has made us appreciate it. Whether you are going through a milestone period of time like school, finally settling down or starting your retirement, 2020 has made this time very different from those who experienced it before us. These times took us by surprise and showed us just how quickly things can change, and that we should appreciate each moment as it happens. It has hopefully also taught us the importance of sharing our stories while we have time, to allow our families to learn from those they love in the time that they have.

That sometimes we all need to take a break

Life can get very hectic, and out of control. Quarantining wasn’t ideal for many people, however I hope that it gave many people a break they feel they needed. I also hope this has encouraged businesses to give their employees more flexibility and allow them to take more breaks, and that from this rough time we will foster an understanding for each other’s mental and physical needs, and how important it is to care for our bodies.

Things We Learned in 2020

Our day to day impact on the earth

Being made to stay inside more as a population has made quite a few changes on the environment in many different ways. Over the span of a few weeks in quarantine the temperature of the earth decreased by a few degrees, which shows the amount the population warms the earth. There has also been a decrease in noise and pollution which has made the surrounding environment more calm, even allowing for animals to walk into the city and feel safe. This year has given us a very profound understanding of our effect on the earth, and encouraged many to make changes in their life to encourage these shifts to remain, even once we’ve gone back to everyday life.

We learned about everyday heroes

I believe 2020 has made us realize who our society relies on. We have redefined the definition of essential workers, and helped our communities respect and value these workers more than ever before. This is a lesson we should hold going forward and never forget those who put their life on the line for their communities. We all owe them a great deal of thanks for all they have gone through and continue to endure throughout 2020.

Things We Learned in 2020

We learned the importance of creativity and art

Through every dark and difficult time in history we have come out of it and entered a new time of art. The Enlightenment, Renaissance, and the Romance era are beautiful examples of this. We have the resurgence of art culture to look forward to as we make our way through these times. But also during these times we’ve all at one point turned to the arts for comfort, whether rewatching your favourite shows or movies, or painting and getting creative on your own. This pandemic and subsequent quarantine has given us all the chance to get in tuned with the value of art and storytelling, which will foster a wonderful environment for the new era of art.

Times have been difficult, but adversity has always fostered improvement and learning, and this year has been a very good example of that. TaleTeller hopes that these lessons, and this time has made us realize how much our lives can change in an instant, and how valuable our memories and relationships are. We hope that 2020 has given us a new perspective that will carry us into many more years of compassion and understanding.

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