Reasons Why You Should Write an Autobiography

Everyone’s life is unique. We all have different challenges, successes, and adventures to share with the world. And only you know all the little details about your life that makes your story worth reading—like how you felt when you first fell in love. Or that favourite tree you would sit under with your friends from school. You are the only person who can tell your life story and spread your wisdom. Life has taught you many lessons that have led you to become who you are today. You’ve faced many obstacles. Now you can provide younger generations with good advice, values, and beliefs to help them thrive through their own life experiences.

Here are a few reasons why you should write an autobiography:

Leave a lasting record for future generations

Writing down the events of your life in a book leaves a permanent record for anyone to read. Anyone who wants to learn about who you are, and what you’ve experienced, can read your autobiography long after you’re gone. This means that your great-great-grandchildren will have the opportunity to get to know you, even if they do not have the chance to meet you. Future generations will be able to understand where they came from, and how you paved the way for them.

Provide your personal glimpse into history

Everyone loves to learn about history, and it is even more interesting to read about people’s own personal accounts of historical events. If you lived through a major historical event (such as the COVID-19 pandemic that is occurring right now), then you can share your own experience during this event, like what you did and how you felt. Or, you might want to talk about a famous person who changed history. People would love to hear about your unique account of history, instead of learning about it from a boring old textbook.

Inform & Educate

Writing an autobiography allows you to provide readers with advice and insights that they may find valuable. You can inform others of your individual experiences and struggles, providing them with hope to persevere through their own challenges. For example, in an autobiography written by American singer-songwriter Patti Smith, M Train, she talks about her experience with hardship and despair, and how she rose above it all with optimism and hope. This type of autobiography can inspire those who are facing similar challenges. 

Revisit the past

When putting together your autobiography, you’ll be given the chance to revisit your past experiences. You can reminisce on the good ole’ days, while also reconsidering some of the decisions you’ve made and relationships you’ve had with your wisdom and experience. While going through old photos and remembering past events, you may recall someone you used to be friends with, but haven’t spoken to in years, and perhaps you’ll decide to reconnect with them. Likewise, you may find it in your heart to offer forgiveness to those who may have wronged you in the past. Forgiveness is said to be linked to lower levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and anger, so offering forgiveness to people in your life can actually benefit your health.

Writing your own story can be an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for yourself and your loved ones. Your story is one that deserves to be recorded and read for generations to come. At TaleTeller, we want to ensure that the process of writing your autobiography is as easy as possible. That’s why our service is website-based, so you can write your story from the comfort of your own home. And our wealth of questions will help jog your memory and know exactly where to start. To top it all off, you can choose if you want a hard-copy book, e-book, or audiobook.