Give the Gift of Storytelling This Christmas

As the temperatures drop and leaves continue to fall, the excitement of the impending holiday season is growing. With Christmas just around the corner, it can become a daunting task to find the perfect gift for the special people in your life. Especially with this year’s adding challenge of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic during a huge holiday, this may be the perfect year to expand your gift-giving repertoire and consider sharing the gift of storytelling with friends and family. Sharing stories is a perfect way to reconnect, reminisce and bring people together – at a safe distance – this holiday season. Check out these great ideas for some creative inspiration

Spend Time Together Sharing Stories

Even if it is through zoom or facetime, Christmas is a perfect time to get together (virtually!) with your nearest and dearest to share stories. Carving out some time to jump on a call and share your favourite memories over a cup of hot chocolate is a wonderful way to stay connected and bring in the spirit of the holiday from a distance. Plus, with all of the social distancing to combat COVID-19, that extra personal touch and dedication to spending some quality time together can make someone’s day. Even better, record or write down their stories so that you can create a keepsake of their life and story as a gift!

Gift Them Their Story

Does someone in your life have an astounding life story you would want to immortalize for them? Consider giving them the gift of a biography – the story of their lives – that they can keep and pass on from generation to generation. Taleteller is a unique way to connect with a professional writer to commemorate and immortalize your story – or the story of a loved one – in a memoir, to have and share for years to come. Letting you choose the perfect writer and format to write your biography, Taleteller gives you all the tools and guidance to create the perfect book about your special someone! A special way to capture and share peoples’ stories for years to come, a biography could be the perfect gift to show someone how much you care! 

Gift Your Favourite Book 

Like most favourites, a lot can be said about you by your favourite book. Gifting friends and family your favourite book, or even just a book you loved this year, is a great way to give people a little bit more insight into what makes you tick while also expanding their libraries and, just maybe, introducing them to their next favourite author. 

A Prompt Journal 

Do you know any aspiring writers in your life who could use a little extra inspiration for their writing? Create a tailored journal full of prompts to kick off their newest piece! You can personalize it to their favourite genre, style or format and you can even throw in a few prompts based on memories you have together. It’s a great way to foster and support their creativity and work. 

Write Something for Them 

Are you an aspiring writer? Your creative talent can make the perfect gift for someone this year! Sit down and think about your favorite memories together and capture them forever in a poem, short story, song, anything you want to write. It can be a beautiful way to express how much someone means to you, how their friendship has shaped your life, or how their love has helped you grow. 

Christmas this year will inevitably be very different, whether you’re avoiding big malls or shopping centres or just scaling down holiday festivities and can make it feel much less intimate. Remind the people you love just how much they mean to you by taking the time to chat, connect and share your stories. Those warm, personal moments might have to happen at a distance this year, but it will make them all the more sweet as you create new memories with your loved ones.

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