5 Meaningful Lessons That We Can Take Away From Quarantine

COVID-19 has forced most of us into quarantine for months, and as restrictions begin to lift. It is important to reflect upon things we have learned from our time in quarantine.

Perhaps you have picked up some habits while staying indoors that are worth continuing in your life moving forward. The pandemic has forced many people to slow down and has given them more time to pursue their interests. If you are interested in learning what positive practices you might be able to take from this largely negative time in the world, read on and get some meaningful lessons here!

1. Documenting your daily life in quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic is a historic moment that we are living through. Our entire world has changed due to COVID-19 and it is worth documenting and reflecting on how the pandemic has impacted you personally. Having a first-hand account of your genuine emotions and thoughts during this time will be invaluable. Your future self and your descendants will find these records incredibly interesting to read when you grow older. Journaling, even in your everyday life beyond the pandemic, is also a great mindfulness habit that can help you be more reflective and introspective, as well as a good way to have a record of notable events and your feelings throughout your lifetime.

2. Spending quality time with loved ones

This time of social distancing has forced us to spend much more time with those that we live with. Many students and young adults have moved back home with their parents unexpectedly. Try and appreciate the time that you got to spend with these people, and try to continue to spend time with them even after quarantine restrictions lift. Although, understandably, you may be excited to immediately return to your old lifestyle and spend time with your friends, don’t forget the importance of quality time with family.

3. Continue to dedicate time to developing skills in quarantine

Picking up and developing skills was a common way to kill time in quarantine. I encourage you to continue to dedicate time to improving specific skills. If you aren’t sure what you want to work on, writing is a universally useful skill that can always be improved. It is a mode of communication that allows you to share your ideas and opinions and persuade others. Practicing writing daily or weekly through journaling, blogging, writing short stories and poetry will help you improve quickly! There are also lots of free or cheap online classes that you can take on platforms like edX or Skillshare to improve your writing or other skills.

4. Continue to dedicate time to reading

Throughout quarantine, many of us picked up a book or two to fill our time. Books are filled with so much knowledge and wisdom. Reading is a fantastic way to learn, take a break from screens, and relax while keeping your mind active. You are sure to find a book that explores an idea or topic that you want to learn about because there are so many types of books. Try getting started with Goodreads to browse books and read reviews! I encourage you to set aside time each day or week to read.

5. Take on a personal project from which you find fulfillment

In today’s day and age, we are often encouraged to put all of our time and energy into productivity. I encourage you to, instead, dedicate some of your time to a project from which you genuinely find fulfillment or that is personally important to you. While we were all social distancing and at home, it perhaps felt easier for many of us to indulge in activities that are not productive in the traditional sense. Consider how you want to spend your time, and perhaps you can either continue working on a personal project that you started in quarantine or even start a new one! One idea for a personal project is working on your autobiography or biography for a family member. TaleTeller can help you get started if that interests you.

If you want to know more about how to connect with your family and document their stories, check out our previous blog post here. Here at TaleTeller, we want to help you tell your story. If the above ideas interest you, consider creating an account with us and writing an autobiography or biography for a family member.